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Meet Písek

Písek is located in South Bohemia, on the river Otava. The historic city center is the urban conservation area, you will also find information center there.

Písek (Sand) name is derived from panning the sand. Auriferous sand attracted population in this part of Bohemia since the Stone Age, panning for gold here apparently went up from 12 century.

Sand City experienced a great boom for Ottokar II., Who gave the gold shield trails and rýžovnické settlements, build a castle, a stone bridge, a Dominican monastery walls.

Among the landmarks of the town include:

Stone Bridge

It is the oldest stone bridge in the Czech Republic and Central Europe. This building was probably built during the reign of Ottokar II. in the Gothic style. It is decorated with several statues, the oldest is the 18th century and is called Calvary.

Stone Bridge is also known under the name “Deer”. According to legend, the bridge should appoint the first, who goes after him Otava. Coincidentally, Walker became the first deer from the nearby forest. In 2007 it was handed an official resolution, the bridge was named “Stone Bridge in Pisek.” Among Pisek is also known as the “Old Bridge”.

Putimská gate

Putimská gate belonged to one of the three gates that protected the city of Písek and which allow the passage walls. It was located in the southwestern part of the fortifications and got its name after the village Putim to which directed path leading from the gate.

Gateway has unfortunately not survived to the present day, in the late 19th century was demolished in order to improve public transport. Near Putim gate is restored Gothic moat.

Castle in Písek

Sand castle was built in the 13th century at the instigation of the then Czech King Ottokar II.

Unfortunately Castle in the early 16th century burnt down quickly changed owners and fell into disrepair. The last preserved part is that the former royal palace, which is now part Prácheňské Museum.

Church of the Nativity of the Virgin Mary

Construction of the Roman Catholic church began in the 13th century outside the city walls. Today, the church dominates the town and is located in the historic center. Until recently, Písecká tallest building.